Tax Debt Attorney

Tax Debt Attorney


Need A Tax Debt Attorney To Remove A Levy or Lien, End A Garnishment Or 'Unfreeze' Your Bank Account?

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Stop Garnishments, Remove Levies and Liens and Even 'Unfreeze' Your Bank Account If It's Been Less Than 21 Days - "You Must Act Quickly!"

Put A Seasoned Tax Debt Attorney On Your Side And Get The IRS Off Your Back & Your Life Back - FAST!

  • Experienced Help Stops IRS Bullying!
  • End IRS Wage Garnishments!
  • Remove IRS Levies And Liens!
  • Reduce Tax Debt From Up To 40-95 %!
  • Enjoy Attorney-Client Privilege  Confidentiality!

Tax Debt Attorney

You Really Can End Wage Garnishments, Remove Bank Levies And Release IRS Tax Liens!

If you're here you or someone you know must owe the IRS (and/or State) money.

It could be a lot of money. Maybe it's in the form of personal income tax, business tax, corporate tax or payroll taxes.

You no doubt don't have the means to pay it all or you already would have. Maybe IRS agents have come to your door. They're breathing down your neck and they won't let up.

They may have seized your possessions or house, filed an embarrassing public tax lien and now your bank account is frozen. You're afraid the next step will be to garnish your paycheck and leave you with next to nothing to feed and care for your family. Or, at least, they may be threatening to do some of these things.

I'm Wes Edwards of Accelerated Tax Solutions. I've seen this over and over throughout my life. I know the IRS is heartless. That's why I formed Accelerated Tax Solutions and put together a team of tax debt attorneys, ex IRS agents and CPA's to help you fight back against the IRS.

The IRS takes advantage of people that don't know their rights or the tax laws and programs that exist to help them. They downright bully you!

Maybe your wondering if a tax debt attorney really can help to unfreeze your bank account, get levies lifted, liens removed, end wage garnishments and get IRS tax debt settled for a fraction of what you owe?' And you're right to ask that. I would too if I were in your shoes. But let me reassure you that it really is possible!

There are tax relief programs that exist. The government forced the IRS to put these tax debt programs into place and an experienced tax debt attorney can use them to help people that have no other way out.

But... have you ever heard the IRS mention them? No way!

They'd prefer you cough up 101% of your take home pay for as long as you live and beyond if possible.  It's just a job to them and when they go home they don't lose any sleep over your tax problems.

You can 'cry' to the IRS collection agent. Explain that you lost your job, got sick, the stock market crashed, the value of your house has plummeted and about your good intentions and honesty. But they don't care. They've been taught to ignore you and to stay focused on getting the money - no matter what. It's just like you're talking to a brick wall... and that's just how it's planned!

You owe it to yourself and your family to take advantage of the help a tax debt attorney can provide. The price may be far less then you think and far less than the cost of penalties, interest and the inability to reduce the actual tax debt amount on your own.


Ask yourself:

      What is it worth to get this thing behind you?

       How will it affect your peace of mind and sleep at night?

       Is it wise to take on the IRS alone? (it's really not)

       If a tax debt attorney can use existing programs to help why not?

       Why shouldn't you benefit from tax relief as thousands of others do?


Can A Tax Debt Attorney Really Help You Settle Your IRS Tax Debt?

Could we afford to offer financing if we can't help you? Impossible, we'd never get paid! On the other hand, if you owe more than $10,000 it is very likely that you'll be grateful for our help!

Our tax debt attorneys and team have well over 50 years of experience dealing with IRS (and state) tax problems. Our lead tax debt attorney alone has settled over $25,000,000 in IRS tax debt.

Many, from 'high profile' to 'ordinary citizens' have leaned on our competent, experienced tax debt attorneys to get relief from their crushing IRS tax debt burdens.

I'd love to drop names but as you can imagine people just don't want to make their tax debt issues public. Do you? If you call and talk with me you'll be able to see our honesty and professionalism too! We are one of the most reputable tax relief company's around and you will be assigned a personal tax debt attorney to work with you on your case. If after you talk with us you don't feel comfortable no hard feelings, but we are confident you will.

By having our team of CPA's, ex IRS agents and a personal tax debt attorney on your side any tax problem can be handled in the best way possible.

Our tax debt attorneys deal with the most complicated tax debt issues, ones that others just tear their hair out with, on a daily basis. If I could give you just one piece of advice it would be this: Don't ignoring tax debt problems! Don't mess with the IRS! They have the power to make your life miserable.


It Is Urgent That You Don't Delay!

I don't say that so you call and hire me although I'm confident that's the best thing you can do. There is far more reason for you to do so. The bottom line is, that the sooner you get help the easier it is to solve your tax problem! Why? Well, the main reason is when you delay the IRS gets the impression you are trying to cheat them.They start to suspect fraud and tax evasion (criminal offenses) so the tend to get real nasty! They don't care that the delay may be due to your being paralyzed or you're just not sure what you should do.

Beyond that by waiting you delay discovering that you probably have more options than you knew of. There really are numerous programs and 'loopholes' in the law that you can turn to your advantage. Why wait when with the help of a good tax debt attorney you can be on your way to get relief from tax debt  problems?

Whether you use us or not my advice is still the same. Without the help of trained tax debt attorney you're likely to be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.


Do You Really Need Professional Help Like That Of A Tax Debt Attorney?

First let me start by saying that only a tax attorney can offer you the confidentiality of attorney client privilege. A CPA can't legally do that. When questioned they may have to speak, or even testify against you rather than being able to represent you.

If that isn't enough though look at it form this standpoint.

Can you really negotiate with the IRS if you don't know what the laws and options are? The odds are slim to none that you'll be able to apply them in your favor.

You can threaten to sue them, call them repeatedly, listen to a never ending array of recorded messages saying: 'Thank you so much for your call we're very concerned about you and anxious to take your call so please just wait another hour and we'll be right with you.

So sorry but we've misplaced you folder could you please just send us copies of all your last 7 years tax returns and we'll start over right away. It's a big waste of time and no matter what you do nothing changes and the collections process marches relentlessly forward!

You want to scream but that won't help either.

Taxpayers that try to work out their own settlements, release their own liens, remove remove their own levies and end their wage garnishments rarely if ever meet with success. IRS agents talk circles around people that are improperly armed having only a limited knowledge of their tax rights and IRS tax law.

On the other hand a lawyer, a tax debt attorney, can keep the IRS in check. They know he knows the law and usually better then them! Significant progress, without professional help, usually including a good tax debt attorney, is rare indeed. We have helped release liens, lift levies and end wage garnishments for countless clients. When people qualify, at times it is even possible to settle tax debt at 40-95% of what is owed, literally pennies on the dollar!

When people try to settle their own tax debts or negotiate their own payment plans it is common to default again due to accepting bad settlement terms. That just leaves you worse off then when you started because once you've defaulted on your terms the IRS is far less likely to make a new agreement. You also owe more due to penalties and they go back to levying, placing of liens and garnishing wages to collect.

Professionally negotiated tax debt settlements and payment plans with the aid of a tax debt attorney have a success rate of up to 90 percent or even more along with lower rates and longer times to pay.

By knowing IRS tax law and the IRS' tax rleif programs that exist these can be employed to force the IRS to comply!

So can you deal with the IRS without a tax debt attorney? Yes. 'Should you'? is a really the issue. It's about as reasonable as trying to fix your own car if you're not a mechanic. Really, would you try to be your own lawyer in any other situation?


Why Not Use A CPA Instead Of A Tax Debt Attorney?
CPA's are very valuable for what they do, bookkeeping, financial reports and maybe even tax returns as well as other financial advice. That's what they do almost 100% of the time.

But therein lies the problem too.

When you need help with serious tax problems their ill equipped. When you spend 'all your time' with the above mentioned things all you have is book-knowledge, not experience, of how to deal with IRS tax debt problems.

On the other our tax debt attorneys spend all their time dealing with IRS tax problems. We know this well enough to write the books the CPA's study! This is our turf and we, being tax debt attorneys, have a huge 'home field advantage'. If you had cancer would you want to go to a doctor fresh out of medical school that's never treated a case or someone that's already treated hundreds of people and helped them?

We let accountants and CPA's do what they know best while we deal with tax problems - levies, liens and garnishments.

This is our 'ballgame'; isn't that the kind of help you want to put to work on your side?

When you call 877-660-9047 or fill out the form above you'll get:

       A Free Consultation With A Tax Debt Attorney!

   Rock Solid Success Rate Of 96%!

   The Financing You Need! (rare in this field)

If this sounds like the type of help you want why wait? Put an experienced tax debt attorney in your corner today! All you have to do is fill out the form above and we can start working on getting your lien released, levy removed or putting a stop to wage garnishments.

Whatever you do though, do something quick! All we require is an email address but it sure is much easier to contact you when you add your phone number too.

We understand this can be a sensitive topic so if it matters what time we call please let us know. A discreet tax debt attorney will return your call when you ask.

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